REU sites

Texas A&M University
REU Site: Nuclear and Particle Science at Texas A&M University

Primary: Dr. Sherry Yennello (979) 845-1899

Research Topics/Keywords: Cyclotron Institute REU Program Abstract of Award

Texas Christian University
A Physics and Astrophysics REU Site at TCU
Fort Worth, TX 76129-0002

Primary: Dr. Carroll A. Quarles

Research Topics/Keywords: Atomic, Molecular, Statistical Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science
Abstract of Award

University of Oklahoma
REU Site in Physics and Astronomy
Norman, OK 73019

Primary: Michael Strauss

Research Topics/Keywords: Experimental and Theoretical: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics; Condensed Matter Physics; High Energy Physics; Astrophysics
Abstract of Award

University of Texas at Dallas
UTD Physics REU Home
Department of Physics
Richardson, TX 75080

Primary: Dr. Lindsay King
(972) 883-6743

Research Topics/Keywords: Astrophysics, Biophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, Plasma Physics, Space Science
Abstract of Award

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Department of Physics

Primary: Volker Quetschke
(956) 882-6779

Research Topics/Keywords: Experimental and Applied Physics
Abstract of Award

Texas A&M University
REU Site: Astronomical Research and Instrumentation at Texas A&M University
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Primary: Dr. Jennifer Marshall

Research Topics/Keywords: Astronomy and astrophysics, astronomical instrumentation, astronomical observations, McDonald Observatory
Abstract of Award