Science Fair Projects in Physics Awards

In 1995 the Texas Section sponsored awards for the Houston Science and Engineering Fair. The Texas Section was urged to become involved in recognizing outstanding projects by Dr. Sivaram Arepalli, who with the help of several Houston area TSAPS members, judged and presented the first awards in the junior, ninth grade and senior divisions of the Houston Fair. After the success of the Houston program, the Executive committee voted to contact other science fairs in the state and offer to become involved by making awards to outstanding physics projects (which may not actually be entered in the "physics" category, by the way). We contacted the 19 fairs across the state and received a welcome from eight fairs to participate. In our initial contact, we pointed out that we were a non-profit professional organization and could not contribute to the financial support of the fair directly. But we offered to award certificates and prizes in each division. The lack of extra financial support may be the reason we only received eight welcomes.

This is a real "grass roots" program. The Texas Section has been represented by members and colleagues in the physics community in the local areas of each Fair. We could not carry out this program without the help of many volunteers. If you are familiar with a regional science fair in your area and TSAPS was not involved this year, let the TSAPS secretary know of your willingness to help. With your help this program for recognizing young student's work in projects related to physics can grow and become even more successful.

Certificates were provided for the first second and third places in each division. Separate book awards were made to some winners. These awards were supported to a small extent by the Section, but depended on mainly on the resourcefulness, cleverness and some donations by our volunteers.

Thanks to all who helped:
  • Amarillo: High Plains Regional Science Fair, March 23 at Amarillo College,Carter Gym. TSAPS representatives: Treasure Brasher, Canyon, and Art Snyder, Amarillo Col.
  • College Station: Brazos Valley Regional Science and Engineering Fair, March TSAPS representative: Bob Kenefick, TAMU
  • Corpus Christi: Coastal Bend Science and Engineering Competition, Mar. 25,26,27. While we had planned to participate, we were not able to due to the sad and untimely death of our friend Nellie Mireles, who was planning with her customary enthusiasm to represent TSAPS in her region.
  • Fort Worth: Fort Worth Regional Science Fair, March 25 Texas Christian University, TSAPS Contact: Magnus Rittby, with help from Kristi Eggleston, TCU.
  • Houston: Houston Science and Engineering Fair, March 29-30. TSAPS representative: Sivaram Arepalli, G.B. Tech, assisted by Stephen Baker. Judges included Mohammad Roy, Bob Reid, Winston Goodrich, Lawrence Pansky, K. B. Ma, and Michael Gorman.
  • Lubbock: South Plains Regional Science and Engineering Fair, March 8, 9 at Texas Tech University. TSAPS representative: Walter Borst, assisted by Lynn Hatfield, Roland Menzel and Gerald Bottrell, TTU.
  • San Antonio: Alamo Regional Science Fair, Feb 26,27, 28 at Convention Center in . TSAPS representative: Dhiraj Sardar, assisted by Liao Chen, James Gallas, and Patricia Nash, UT San Antonio.
  • Victoria: Texas Mid-Coast Regional Science and Engineering Fair, Victoria High School. TSAPS representative: Robin Shirkey, Victoria Col.