Robert S. Hyer Award

The Robert S. Hyer Research Award, of the Texas Section of the American Physical Society, will be presented each year to two pairs of recipients. The first pair will consist of a recipient who must have been a graduate student when the research was performed, and this student's research advisor. The second pair will consist of a recipient who must have been an undergraduate student when the research was performed, and that student's research advisor. The only criterion is excellence, including potential impact in the relevant scientific community. The research must be in physics or a physics-related subject, and it must have been presented at a Texas APS meeting within the past two years by either the student or the advisor, both of whom must have been TSAPS members at the time. Nominations for the award can be made by a department chair, undergraduate or graduate program director or a faculty member who is not the student’s advisor. In addition to the nomination letter, a maximum of three letters of support can be submitted either before or after presentation of the research at a Fall or Spring TSAPS meeting. Normally all recipients must be in attendance when the award is presented to them. Also, the award will normally not be given in two consecutive years to recipients at the same institution. Nominations will remain active for two years, or until no longer eligible. The Executive Committee will name a 3-person awards committee to choose the recipients each year. The conditions for the presentation of the award will be decided by the Executive Committee.

Each recipient will receive a plaque, and the student recipients additionally will receive $500 each. Awards will be presented at the Fall meeting.

Note: The requirement that the research "must have been presented at a Texas APS meeting" is satisfied if the work is presented at the SAME Texas APS meeting where the Hyer Award is conferred. I.e., research presented at earlier meetings and research presented at the current meeting are equally eligible for a Hyer Award at the current meeting. The new talks (and poster presentations) on Hyer-nominated work will be given Friday morning, before the award presentation.

Hyer Award Committee: Jodi Cooley (SMU), Surendra Singh (University of Arkansas) and Howard Lee (Baylor)

Nominations for the 2019 awards should be received by Friday, September 13, 2019. Each nomination should preferably be submitted as a single pdf document and must include (1) the completed nomination form (pdf, doc), (2) the nomination letter, (3) up to three supporting letters, (4) vitae for both nominees, and (5) any papers or other supporting materials. The complete nominations should be emailed to

Questions regarding the submission/nomination process should be directed to Prof. Sally Hicks.

Robert Hyer Robert Hyer demonstrating the use of x-rays to faculty members at Southwestern University

Photographs and portrait from Robert Steward Hyer: The Man I Knew (Anson Jones Press, Salado, Texas 1957), by Ray Hyer Brown. Original credit for the photo of Robert Hyer demonstrating the use of x-rays to faculty members at Southwestern University: Special Collections, A. Frank Smith, Jr. Library Center, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas.

Nominees and award and office holders are expected to meet standards of professional conduct and integrity as described in the APS Ethics Guidelines. Violations of these standards may disqualify people from consideration or lead to revocation of honors or removal from office.