Distinguished Service Awards

Nominations for 2018 are due September 14, 2018. Send your nominations to the chair of the Executive Committee, currently Carlos Bertulani.

This award is to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions over several years to the Texas section of the APS. Recipients of this award will become members of a committee to aid and advise the Texas section’s executive committee particularly in retaining a historical perspective on the section’s activities. Service on the committee will include a four-year active term and lifetime honorary membership. 

Criteria: This award is to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions over several years to the Texas section of the APS. These contributions include leadership through service on the executive committee and/or TSAPS sponsored activities such as the Fall and Spring Regional conferences, or other activities that significantly promote excellence in Physics in the Texas region. 

Selection process: Nominations will be accepted from the Texas section membership and reviewed by an awards committee. The awards committee will consist of four members appointed by the TSAPS Chair, with at least two chosen from past recipients of the award. In the first year, two committee members shall be appointed for one-year terms and two shall be appointed for two-year terms. Subsequently, service on the committee shall be for two years, with two members moving off the committee and two new members being appointed each year. No one may serve two consecutive terms on the committee.  

The Award: The award itself will be a plaque for each recipient to be presented at the regular Fall TSAPS meeting. In addition, a permanent webpage dedicated to the award and posted at the TSAPS website will include a brief biography of each recipient including a description of their service to the section. There will be no monetary stipend associated with this award. 

The number of awards made per year is not specified. In any year, the committee may choose to make multiple awards or none. The decisions of the awards committee must be approved by the TSAPS Executive Committee.

Award Committees:

2018: Heather Galloway (San Marcos, 2019), Suresh Sharma (UT Arlington, 2018), Dwight Russell (Baylor, 2019), Felicia Manciu (UT El Paso, 2018)

2017: Bruce Miller (TCU, 2017), Suresh Sharma (UT Arlington, 2018), Kelvin Cheng (Trinity, 2017), Felicia Manciu (UT El Paso, 2018)

2013: Dr. Charley Myles (Texas Tech), Dr. Marjori Corcoran (Rice), Dr. David Hough (Trinity University)

2012: Dr. Mike Sadler (ACU), Dr. C.A. Quarles (TCU), Dr. Robert Beck Clark (retired from TA&M College Station), Dr. Suresh Sharma (UT Arlington)

2010: Dr. David Gavenda (UT Austin), Dr. Robert Clark (retired from TA&M College Station), Dr. Mike Sadler (ACU), Dr. Charley Myles (Texas Tech)

2009: Dr. David Hough (Trinity)


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