2008 Pegram, Beams, and Slack Award Winners


The 2008 SESAPS Awardees at the Annual Meeting banquet in Raleigh. Dr. Michael Fowler (left), Pegram Award; Dr. Herbert A. Mook (center) Beams Award; and Dr. Laurence Cain (right) Slack Award.

At the banquet the following recipients of the 2008 SESAPS Awards were recognized for their achievements.

The Jesse W. Beams Award for Research was presented to Dr. Herbert A. Mook of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, "For groundbreaking research in magnetism and superconductivity and leadership in bringing world-leading neutron scattering capabilities to North America."

The George B. Pegram Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Physics in the Southeast was presented to Dr. Michael Fowler of the University of Virginia, "For excellence in teaching physics at all levels, outreach efforts and global influence on physics teaching through his websites"

The Frances G. Slack Award for Excellence in Service to Physics in the Southeast was presented to Dr. Laurence Cain of Davidson College, for his many years of service to SESAPS and to Physics in the Southeast.