Appendix I - List of Meeting Topics and Locales

1961- 2006

Meeting/Meeting Place/Symposium Topic(s)
Spring 1961, Univ. of Cincinnati, Teaching of Physics to non-Science Majors
Fall 1961, Ohio University, Teaching College Physics
Spring 1962, University of Toledo, Lecture Demo. Techniques
Fall 1962, Case-Western Reserve, Basic Physics Research at 5 Non-Academic Labs.
Spring 1963, Central State College, (Program by National Cash Register Co.)
Fall 1963, Battelle (Columbus), Research at Battelle and at OSU
Spring 1964, Case-Western Reserve, The Fermi Surface
Fall 1964, Miami University, Computers and Angular Momentum
Spring 1965, Ohio University, Lasers and Laser Applications
Fall 1965, NCR Corp. (Dayton), Energy Conversion
Spring 1966, Ohio State University, Nuclear Physics
Fall 1966, Battelle (Columbus), Physics of Metals
Spring 1967, Battelle (Columbus), (Joint program with Optical Soc.)
Fall 1967, Battelle (Columbus), Astrophysics
Spring 1968, NASA-Lewis (Cleveland), Particles and Fields in Space (Friday), Lunar and Planetary Structure (Saturday)
Fall 1968, Ohio State University, High Energy Physics (Friday), Physics in Education and Industry (Sat)
Spring 1969, Kent State University, Some Facets of Solid State Physics
Fall 1969, Battelle (Columbus), Current Frontiers in Physics.

Spring 1970, Univ. of Cincinnati, Particle and Nuclear Physics
Fall 1970, Denison University, Advances in Spectroscopy
Spring 1971, University of Dayton & A. F. Inst. of Tech., Holography and Quantum Optics
Fall 1971, University of Toledo, Atomic Physics and Quantum Optics
Spring 1972, Battelle (Columbus), Optical Communication & Information Storage
Fall 1972, Ohio University, Cosmic Physics
Spring 1973, Wittenburg University, Physics in Biology and Medicine
Fall 1973, Cleveland State Univ., Superconductivity
Spring 1974, Air Force Inst. of Tech & Univ. of Dayton, Energy Resources
Fall 1974, Bowling Green State U., Gravitational Waves & Relativistic Astrophysics
Spring 1975, Kent State University, Liquid Crystals
Fall 1975, Ball State Univ. (IN), Acoustics
Spring 1976, Univ. of Cincinnati, Fusion and Plasma Physics
Fall 1976, Univ. of Akron, Physics of Polymers
Spring 1977, Wright State Univ., Materials for Energy
Fall 1977, Miami University, Environmental Physics
Spring 1978, Case-Western Reserve, Surface Physics
Fall 1978, Ohio State University, I. Magnetism; II. Geophysics
Spring 1979, Youngstown State Univ., Astrophysics
Fall 1979, Battelle (Columbus), Guided Wave Optics

Spring 1980, University of Toledo, Elementary Particle Physics
Fall 1980, University of Dayton & A. F. Inst. of Tech., Applications of Lasers
Spring 198l, Denison University, Atmospheres
Fall 1981, Ohio University, Nuclear Physics in the '80's
Spring 1982, University of Akron, Physics Educ. Toward Our Energy Future
Fall 1982, Bowling Green State U., Solar Radiation
Spring 1983, Ohio State University, Materials Research
Fall 1983, Miami University, University Role in Industrial Physics
Spring 1984, Kent State University, Phase Transitions
Fall 1984, Cleveland State Univ., Coherent E-M Radiation in Medicine
Spring 1985, Univ. of Cincinnati, Semiconductors
Fall 1985, Case-Western Reserve, Physics of Two Dimensions
Spring 1986, Ohio Univ./Chillicothe, Applications in Industry
Fall 1986, John Carroll University, Acousto-Optics
Spring 1987, University of Akron, Chaos
Fall 1987, Youngstown State Univ., Cosmology & Particle Physics
Spring 1988, The Ohio State Univ., Astrophysics
Fall 1988, University of Toledo, Thin Films
Spring 1989, Miami University, Computers in Physics Educ.
Fall 1989, BGSU-Firelands College, Industrial Physics

Spring 1990, Denison University, Origin of Planetary Bodies
Fall 1990, Bowling Green State U., Computational Physics
Spring 1991, Ohio University, Surface Imaging
Fall 1991, Wright SU & AFIT, Fusion and the Future
Spring 1992, University of Cincinnati, Elementary Particle Theory
Fall 1992, Penn State U.-Behrend College, Science & Industry
Spring 1993, Kent State U., Liquid Crystal Inst. Display Technology
Fall 1993, John Carroll University, Physics at Interfaces
Spring 1994, Case Western Reserve Univ., Computers in Physics Education
Fall 1994, University of Toledo, Plasmas: the 4th State of Matter
Spring 1995, Youngstown State Univ., Astrophysics/Atomic Physics
Fall 1995, Univ. Dayton/A.F.I.T., Diode Lasers and Nonlinear Optics
Spring 1996, Ohio State Univ., Physics at the Nanoscale
Fall 1996, Ohio Univ., Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
Spring 1997, Bowling Green State Univ., Nonlinear Optics and Ultrafast Phenomena
Fall 1997, Miami Univ., Curriculum Development: Beyond the Introductory Course
Spring 1998, Ball State Univ., Mars Explorer
Fall 1998, Univ. Akron, Scanning Probe Microscopy
Spring 1999, Kettering Univ., Applied Industrial Physics
Fall 1999, Wright State Univ./A.F.I.T., History of Selected Areas of Physics, Centennial of the APS and 60th Anniversary of the Ohio Section

Spring 2000, Univ. of Cincinnati, Bose-Einstein Condensation
Fall 2000, Univ. of Toledo, Photovoltaics and Environment
Spring 2001, Kent State Univ., Physics and Biological Systems
Fall 2001, Columbus State Community College, Novel Techniques in Physics Pedagogy
Spring 2002, Youngstown State Univ., Photon-Induce Processes
Fall 2002, Ohio State Univ., The Fundamental Structure of Matter
Spring 2003, Michigan State Univ. at East Lansing, Frontiers of Quantum Computing
Fall 2003, Case Western Reserve Univ., Physicists Get Down to Business
Spring 2004, Ohio Univ., Extragalatic Astrophysics and the Era of High-Energy Astronomy
Fall 2004, Oakland Univ., Rochester, MI, Physics in Medicine and Teaching 20th Century Physics in the 21st Century
Spring 2005, Univ. of Dayton/A.F.I.T., Nanophotonics
Fall 2005, Cleveland State Univ., From Brownian Motion to the Physics of Complexity
Spring 2006, Wayne State Univ., Detroit, MI, Physics of the Early Universe

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