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2015 Annual Fall Meeting of the APS New York Section: 113th Topical Symposium on Computations in Physics

September 11-12, 2015
Vassar College
Poughkeepsie, NY

This conference explores computational methods in physics as applied by researchers, educators and industry. Computational capabilities have been exploding during the past decades. The conference kicks off with a historic view into Computational Physics. Talks include techniques in Solid State Physics, Medical Physics, Quantum Physics and even the business world. Vassar College offers a unique perspective as one of the Seven Sisters Colleges.

Keynote Speaker at Dinner, Friday 6:30 pm: Prof. Marjatta Lyyra from Temple University
Groundbreaking Contributions of Critical Importance by Female Scientists during the 20th Century
Abstract: During the twentieth century female scientists made groundbreaking contributions to several areas of science. In Physics Lise Meitner's back of the envelope calculations led to the discovery of nuclear fission. In Chemistry the X-Ray crystallography research by Rosalind Franklin led to the discovery of the structure of DNA molecule that revolutionized Biology. The calculations of Maria Mitchell, the first American professional Astronomer laid the basis for accurate astronomical navigation. She felt Vassar College was truly her home. In medicine Frances Oldham Kelsey received the highest federal civilian service award in 1962 for her discovery of the devastating birth defect effects of thalidomide.

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Prof. Jenny Magnes