Meeting Information

September 2010 Triple Event

September 15, 2010
The United States Naval Academy
Annapolis, MD

Part 1: Tour of the United States Naval Academy
Part 2: Lunch at the United States Naval Academy Officers’ Club
Part 3: Talk: Physics Research at the United States Naval Academy

We have arranged for a tour of the United States Naval Academy as well as a talk on the physics research at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD as our APS MASPG special three part September event. You may sign up for any or all of the three parts, but please sign up.

Directions from Washington, DC:
Take US Route 50 East for 35 miles and get off at Exit 24, Rowe Blvd.
Take Rowe Blvd. 1.6 miles to where it dead ends at College Ave. and make a left turn.
Go to the first stop light at King George St. and make a right turn.
Follow King George St. for two blocks where you will see Gate 1 of the US Naval Academy.

Access to USNA:
The main entrance to USNA is at 52 King George St., near the intersection with Randall Ave. in Annapolis. There is a parking lot there for visitors. Only cars with active DoD stickers are allowed inside USNA beyond the parking lot. You will need a Government issued ID to get in (a driver's license is OK, or a current passport). For detailed driving directions see the website.

NOTE – Please sign up in advance:
It is necessary to sign-up in advance for this meeting, in order to make access convenient. Special arrangements can be made for those in wheelchairs for both lunch and the lecture. Please indicate your arrival time so that we will wait for all attendees.


  • For the tour, lunch and the talk – your arrival time would be 1130 (11:30 AM).
  • For only lunch and the talk – your arrival time would be 1300 (1:00 PM).
  • For only the talk – your arrival time would be 1400 (2:00 PM).


Sign up Procedure – Please respond by September 10, 2010:
Please send your name, address, phone number, email address, and your arrival time by email to:
David Ross, 410-827-9325 and
John Albers, 301-926-7968

1130 (11:30AM) - Part 1: the Tour, which will last 90 minutes.
There will about a mile of walking, and not all buildings are wheel-chair accessible.
1300 (1:00 PM) – Part 2: Lunch. We will stop by the gate and pick up those who want to go lunch but skip the tour.
1400 (2:00 PM) – Part 3: Lecture in Chauvenet 250. We will again stop by the gate and pick up those who want to come only for the lecture.

Lunch - will be at the USNA Officer's Club in USNA. Both a buffet and standard luncheon food are available. Typical lunches cost $10-$15.

The Lecture - will be on the 2nd deck of Chauvenet Hall. You can pick up a map of the site when you come in. An elevator is available.

Jim Ziegler, Professor of Physics, USNA will be our host was well as the speaker for the lecture. He received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. (1967) in Physics from Yale University. He did extensive work at IBM-Research from 1967 to 2000. He was involved in ion channeling and ion implantation in the fabrication of semiconductor devices as well as the incorporation of MEMS concepts in integrated circuit RF designs. (See for details.)

The lecture will review two projects that the USNA students have worked on for several years. All engineering Midshipmen must spend 25% of their senior year doing research (this is called their Capstone project). A total of 56 Mids have worked on these projects:

(1) IED Countermeasures - Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) have accounted for the majority of US casualties in Iraq. The use of RF controlled roadside bombs was an unanticipated weapon. This 4 year project consists of building a machine that will instantly deactivate the IED at a distance, without any detonation.

(2) Prevention of Terrorist Nuclear WMDs - The most devastating attack on the US would be that from a Nuclear WMD. Over the last decade, research has shown many screening techniques to be ineffective. The worst blow came with the discovery of “The Ship Effect", in which it was found that most large ships can give off radiation similar to that of a concealed nuclear weapon. A review and status will be made of the US exposure to these weapons.

Remember your current photo ID (preferably a current driver’s license).
Remember to respond by September 10, 2010 with personal information and arrival time.
Information about the US Naval Academy may be found at the USNA web site.