Workshop on “Tests of Fundamental Symmetries"

The APS Topical Group on Precision Measurements and Fundamental Constants (GPMFC) and the Group on Few-body Systems (GFB) have co-organized a workshop on “Tests of fundamental symmetries." This workshop will take place in conjunction with next year’s APS April Meeting (APR15) in Baltimore, MD. It will begin on April 10, 2015 and extend into the April meeting.

A number of prominent speakers will present forefront results on searches for electric dipole moments and measurements of parity violation. The talks will showcase results from both the atomic-physics and nuclear/particle-physics communities. This is a great opportunity to get a snapshot of this exciting area of physics from leaders in the field. We encourage you to attend. Post-docs and graduate students should especially consider coming, in particular because both GFB and GPMFC have travel grants designed to defray expenses for junior scientists who wish to attend the April meeting.

The workshop will commence on Friday, April 10 (the day before APR15) with a number of invited presentations, and an afternoon poster session. It will continue with an invited session within the April meeting itself. We are striving to have that invited session on Saturday, April 11, but the schedule for APR15 is not yet finalized.

Confirmed speakers are:
  • David Bowman (LANL)
  • Dmitry Budker (Mainz/Berkeley)
  • Sid Cahn (Yale)
  • Tim Chupp (Michigan)
  • John Doyle (Harvard)
  • Wick Haxton (Berkeley)
  • Blayne Heckel (Washington)
  • Klaus Kirch (PSI)
  • Zheng-Tiang Lu (Argonne)
  • Luis Orozco (Maryland)
  • Roxanne Springer (Duke)
  • Rob Timmermans (Groningen)

In order to defray costs we will charge a small registration fee to attend the workshop. This will be collected on-site and will be separate from the registration fee for APR15. The price will be $50 for those who are not members of GFB or GPMFC. Members of either group will pay $40 and students $25. Any APS member will have the opportunity to add group membership — free for the first year — at the workshop.

More details on the workshop can be found at the workshop website. If you decide to attend you will find a .pdf registration form at the website. Please download the form, fill it out, and email it to If you plan to present a poster you should indicate that on the form, and give a proposed title. Those submitting posters for Friday’s workshop poster session may also present a contributed talk at APR15. Abstract submission is available for APR15.

Any questions regarding these arrangements can be sent to