GMAG Symposium Nominations

GMAG symposium nominations should be submitted to Yves Idzerda ( by September 9, 2013. A nomination should consist of a single file and should include: (1) Nominator’s name and contact information; (2) Suggested title of the symposium; (3) A paragraph describing the theme of the symposium and its justification; (4) A list of 5 speakers with the following for each: (a) full contact information, (b) a tentative title, (c) a brief description and justification, including references where available; (5) names and contacts of one or two potential back-up speakers.

Submission of a complete nomination package is essential for the review process, which is competitive. Last year there were fourteen nominations for the five GMAG-symposia. The justification and breadth of interest of the symposium are important to a successful proposal.

Please note that APS rules do not allow speakers to give invited talks at consecutive March meetings, and there is a searchable index of invited talks at the 2013 meeting available at