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The APS Fellowship Program was created to recognize members who have made advances in knowledge through original research and publication or made significant and innovative contributions in the application of physics to science and technology. They may also have made significant contributions to the teaching of physics or service and participation in the activities of the Society. The Topical Group on Magnetism and Its Applications welcomes nominations for Fellows.

APS also sponsors a number of prizes & awards. Please be sure to nominate worthy people from the magnetism community for the various awards.

Gray arrow GMAG Deadline for APS Fellowship Nomination: Monday, June 3, 2019
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Allenspach, Rolf [2009]
IBM Zurich Research Laboratory
Citation: For his pioneering experimental work in the field of nanomagnetism leading to a fundamental understanding of the physical limits of magnetic behavior. His studies on oscillatory magnetic anisotropy, ultrafast magnetization reversal and current driven domain motion provide new implications for future magnetic storage and logic devices.

Childress, Jeffrey R. [2009]
Hitachi San Jose Research Center
Citation: For fundamental contributions to the understanding of magnetism and magnetotransport in thin-film and nanostructured materials, and their applications to magnetic recording sensor technologies.

Guntherodt, Gernot [2009]
Physikal Instit IIA
Citation: For important contribution to the fields of Half Metallic Ferromagnets, Ultrathin Magnetic Films, Magnetic Semiconductors and Exchange Bias.

McMichael, Robert D. [2009]
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Citation: For broad contributions to the measurement, modeling, interpretation, and understanding of magnetization dynamics.

Slavin, Andrei N. [2009]
Oakland University
Citation: For contributions to the understanding of liner and nonlinear spin wave dynamics in magnetic films and nanostructures, microwave magnetic envelope solitons, and magnetization dynamics induced by spin momentum transfer.