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The APS Fellowship Program was created to recognize members who have made advances in knowledge through original research and publication or made significant and innovative contributions in the application of physics to science and technology. They may also have made significant contributions to the teaching of physics or service and participation in the activities of the Society. The Topical Group on Magnetism and Its Applications welcomes nominations for Fellows.

APS also sponsors a number of prizes & awards. Please be sure to nominate worthy people from the magnetism community for the various awards.

Gray arrow GMAG Deadline for APS Fellowship Nomination: Monday, June 15, 2020
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APS Fellows Nominated by GMAG  

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Hu, Can-Ming [2019]
University of Manitoba
Citation: For outstanding contributions to the fields of cavity spintronics and cavity magnonics, and for significant contributions to the development of electrical methods for studying magnetization dynamics.

Ratcliff, William Davis [2019]
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Citation: For seminal neutron scattering studies of the magnetic order and spin dynamics in multiferroic materials.

Tchernyshyov, Oleg V [2019]
Johns Hopkins University
Citation: For seminal advances in magnetic solitons and the development of collective coordinate formalism of dynamics of magnetic solitons for ferromagnetic thin wires, skyrmion crystals and extended domain walls.