Few-Body Physics in the News

Here we have collected links to recent articles which present forefront research on few-body dynamics in arenas including atoms & molecules, nuclei, and hadrons detected at the LHC. If you have suggestions for additions to this list please email them to GFB Executive Committee members, Phil Johnson or Matthias Schindler.

Giant Efimov state observed:

Efimov state of the helium-atom trimer observed:

Very shallow binding in the LiHe molecule:

Cooling neutral atoms in optical tweezers:

Universal Borromean states bound by spin-orbit forces:

The Tan contact in nuclear physics:

Is the two-nucleon system unitary in a strong magnetic field?

To what extent is the triton a ground-state Efimov trimer?

First ab initio calculation of neutrino responses of 4He and 12C nuclei:

Evidence for a tetraneutron resonance:

Neutron electromagnetic polarizabilities from Compton scattering on deuterium:

Charming pentaquarks: