Faddeev Medal

Vitaly Efimov and Rudolf Grimm Win Inaugural Faddeev Medal

The Faddeev medal was inaugurated in 2016 by the Topical Group on Few-Body Systems & Multiparticle Dynamics (GFB) of the American Physical Society and the European Research Committee on Few-Body Problems in Physics (ERCFBP) to recognize distinguished achievement in Few-Body Physics. It is named in honor of our distinguished colleague Ludwig Faddeev. The medal is awarded every three years to a scientist (or scientists) who advanced the field of few-body physics significantly — either through ground-breaking research or due to crucial progress achieved over the course of a career.

An international panel of experts, chaired by G. Orlandini (Trento), has selected the winners of the 2018 award. They are:

Vitaly Efimov:For the theoretical discovery of a series of weakly-bound three-body quantum states known as Efimov states.

Rudolf Grimm:In recognition of his ground-breaking experiments confirming the Efimov effect.

The prize consists of US $1,250 for each of the winners, a medal, and an invitation to the 22nd International Conference on Few-body Problems in Physics in Caen, France, next July, to participate in a special session there, devoted to the presentation of the medals. For more details on FB22, please see the conference website.

Faddeev Medal is awarded jointly by GFB and ERCFBP.