Video Recordings of the 2019 APS Meetings FPS-sponsored Session Talks

The American Physical Society Forum on Physics and Society (FPS) made video recordings of the talks at the FPS-sponsored sessions at the 2019 APS meetings, and they are now posted on YouTube. Here are links to these recordings.

The video recordings of the FPS sessions at the Boston APS meeting in March 2019 are posted on YouTube in the order of talks at each of these sessions:

The Future of U.S. Nuclear Forces: What Do We Need? Steve Fetter (U Maryland) - Nuclear Modernization, ICBMs, and Launch On Warning Lisbeth Gronlund (UCS) - US Plans for New Nuclear Warheads Richard Garwin (IBM) - Current Nuclear Weapons Issues, and Sid Drell’s Contributions to Arms Control and Strategic Stability Stewart Prager (Princeton) - Engaging the Physics Community in Nuclear Threat Reduction

The Politics of Science Advising John Holdren (Kennedy School; President Obama's Science Advisor and head of OSTP) - Speaking Science to Power: Providing S&T Advice to Governments Celia Mertzbacher (ORNL; former Executive Director, PCAST) - Federal Policy Making: Perspectives from Inside and Outside Government Andrew Zwicker (Princeton; New Jersey Assembly) - Advice from a Scientist-Policy Maker on Giving Advice to a Policy Maker Nathan Phillips (BU) - Science Legislative Fellow Advisors for State Legislatures

Iran, North Korea, and Nuclear Proliferation Zia Mian (Princeton) 2019 Szilard Lectureship Award recipient - Scientists and Today’s Struggles Against Nuclear Weapons: What Would Szilard Do? R. Scott Kemp (MIT) - Iran, North Korea, and the Renewed Challenge of Proliferation Alex Glaser (Princeton) - Verification of Denuclearization Rachel Carr (MIT) - Can Neutrino Detectors Strengthen the Nonproliferation Regime? Frank von Hippel (Princeton) - Strengthening the Nonproliferation Regime

Links to the audio/video recordings of the April 2019 FPS sessions at the Denver APS Meeting:

New Challenges International Science Collaborations (FPS) Amy Flatten (APS): Long-term Strategic Planning for APS International Activities (Note: a section is missing from the video because of a recording error. Please contact for the full presentation.) Bill Colglazier (AAAS): Opportunities and Challenges in International Scientific Collaboration on Large Scale Projects Karla Hagen (British Embassy, DC): The US-UK Science Collaboration Landscape: Status and Opportunities for the Future Panel discussion: Challenges & Opportunities for International Science Collaborations

New Energy Technologies and Policies (FPS) Daniel M. Kammen (Berkeley): An Energy Plan the Earth Can Live With Adilson Motter (Northwestern): North American Power-Grid Network: Failures and Opportunities Amory Lovins (Rocky Mountain Institute): Integrative Design for Radical Energy Efficiency

Attracting Young People to Science and Science Policy (FPS and FECS) Brian Jones: Making Climate Change Concepts Accessible (and Acceptable) to a Wide Audience David Maiullo: Using Physics Demonstrations to Excite & Educate the Public in Science & Sci Policy

FPS Prize Session: Burton Forum Award Shirley Ann Jackson (RPI President): Physics the River that Runs Through It All

In addition, here are two of the talks at the 1st Plenary Session at the April 2019 APS meeting, on Physics and Society Issues Amory Lovins (Rocky Mountain Institute): Disruptive Energy Futures Katie Mack (NCSU): Physics and Social Media

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