From the Editor

Following up on what I mentioned in the previous issue, I am pleased to report that the Forum leadership has adopted this year the practice, which is intended to continue, of recording the Forum sponsored talks at the March and April meetings and posting them. Please see the news item on this subject, which includes the links. We intend those links to be ‘live’ in the .pdf version posted: I hope it works. This is part of our continuing expansion of our media presence. Please contact our Media Editor, Tabitha Colter, at for suggestions and comments.

We have a larger than usual number of articles in this issue. Some of them cover topics related to nuclear arms and disarmament that we have traditionally emphasized, while others branch out in different directions, a thing which we have also been attempting.

Contributions from our readership and their friends are always welcome, as they are suggestions for invited contributions. Suggestions and articles should be sent to me, except for book reviews, which should go to the reviews editor directly (

Content is not peer reviewed and opinions given there are the author’s, only, not necessarily mine, nor the Forum’s or, a fortiori, not the APS’s either. I am very open as to what is appropriate. Controversy is good. If you object to something, write a letter to the Editor with your comments or, even better, an article with your own point of view.


Oriol T. Valls
University of Minnesota

Oriol Valls

Oriol T. Valls, the current P&S newsletter editor, is a Condensed Matter theorist.

These contributions have not been peer-refereed. They represent solely the view(s) of the author(s) and not necessarily the view of APS.