Note From the Editor

With this issue I am taking over from Andrew Zwicker as Editor of P&S. I am very grateful to Andrew for showing me how things work: it is not an easy task and I have taxed his patience. The previous Editor (Cameron Reed) has also been very helpful. I also thank the Forum’s Executive Committee for entrusting me with this responsibility. The standards set by my predecessors are truly daunting. I am very happy that Laura Berzak Hopkins has agreed to stay on as Assistant Editor, and Art Hobson as Reviews Editor, and that the entire Editorial Board is also continuing.

As many of you know, Andrew has left the job because of his election to the New Jersey legislature. I wish him the best in that capacity. He is a brave man. I can imagine many reasons why I would quit as Editor, but running for the Minnesota legislature will never be one of them.

P&S is largely dependent on contributions from its readership. Contributed articles (up to 2500 words), letters (500 words), commentary (1000 words), reviews (1000 words), and brief news items are requested. I will make exceptions to these length limits whenever reasonable. Send contributions to me, except for reviews, which should go to the reviews editor directly. Contributions are reviewed for style and appropriateness, but their content is not peer reviewed and opinions given there are the author’s, not mine, nor the Forum’s. Therefore I plan to be very open as to what is appropriate. Controversy is good. Only articles consisting purely or largely of political opinions and advocacy, or tainted by ad hominem invective, or containing utterly unsound science of the “the world was created a few thousand years ago” variety will undergo summary editorial rejection.

Suggestions on possible topics and authors, and on how to improve and enhance this newsletter are also welcome.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Oriol T. Valls
University of Minnesota

Oriol Valls

Oriol T. Valls, a Condensed Matter Theorist at the University of Minnesota, is the new P&S newsletter editor.

These contributions have not been peer-refereed. They represent solely the view(s) of the author(s) and not necessarily the view of APS.