Proposed Changes to APS Governance and Leadership Structures

APS is in the process of reforming its 100-year old plan of governance, and all members will be asked to vote on the new plan in October and early November.

The Council and the Executive Board worked very hard for the past year to come up with the proposed plan of governance. The guiding principles in the governance reform were to preserve our physics culture, to ensure greater coherence in the operations across the Society, and to clarify roles and responsibilities (and hence accountability) — thereby making our Society stronger and more effective in its enduring mission "to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics." Those involved took the matter very seriously and there was much debate and thoughtful discussion that went into the new plan. The key task now is for you to learn about the proposed changes so you can cast an informed vote.

A special issue of APS News was sent out several weeks ago with information about the new plan. More information can be found at the Proposed Changes to APS Governance and Leadership Structures web page. The member voting period is October 6 - November 10.

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