Update from the Social Media Coordinator

I am excited to be working with the Forum as the Electronic Media Editor in response to Dr. Zwicker's request for a volunteer in the July 2013 edition of this publication. It just so happened that I was taking serious consideration to ways that I could get involved with outreach through the APS at that time, so I jumped at the open invitation. As a third year undergraduate physics student, I’m enthralled to have the opportunity to play a part in physics outreach through an organization such as the FPS and to learn more about significant issues where physics and society are intertwined. While I plan to spend my research career continuing to develop the scientific basis for fusion as a commercial energy source, I strongly believe that every scientist has a part to play in public outreach. The Forum is the perfect venue for me to take on such a role and further develop my interest in societal issues such as science education and developing methods of sustainable energy.

Identifying ways to spread our news outside of the FPS through social media has led me to establishing partnerships with the APS Forum on Graduate Student Affairs and the Society of Physics Students National Organization. The link between social media and student audiences is a natural place to start, and as a student myself I’m excited to see these collaborations forming. In addition to spreading our announcements through the publications of these groups and sites such as Twitter and Facebook, we will also be looking to open discussions through more formal mediums such as LinkedIn. If anyone has suggestions for additional ways that we can extend our audience through a social media presence, I would be happy to hear them!

Matthew Parsons

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