New Fellows Elected through the Forum

We are honored to report that four members of the APS were elected to Fellowship at the November Council meeting through FPS nomination. These are Siegfried Hecker (Stanford University), for his outstanding leadership in promoting better nuclear security and international cooperation and understanding with Russia, South Asia, and North Korea, in preventing nuclear terrorism, and in ensuring a safe, secure, and reliable U.S. nuclear arsenal, Raymond Jeanloz (UC-Berkeley) for his contributions to the development of sound public policy for nuclear weapons management and nuclear non-proliferation and for engaging scientists in Russia, China, and India in order to address technical and potentially sensitive issues in international security, arms control and disarmament, Usha Varshney (National Science Foundation) for her outstanding leadership and advocacy in advancing and promoting the fundamentals of device physics by formulating innovative and visionary research and education programs in spin and flexible electronics, and Richard Wolfson (Middlebury College) for his outstanding work in general physics education, in contributing to the local and state communities in Vermont in striving to achieve carbon neutrality, and in research in astrophysics involving numerous undergraduates.

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