Editor's Comments

This issue of Physics & Society has some unusual, and to my mind enjoyable, features.  We present an article by Gerald Marsh in which he argues, among other things, that all of the anthropogenic carbon dioxide that has been poured into atmosphere during the past few centuries is not nearly enough to stave off massive glaciation from the next Ice Age, a greater danger to civilization (in his view) than global warming.  David Hafemeister gives us an exciting memoir of how he bribed himself out of the Soviet Union during the time of its collapse.  This editor (JJM) has the pleasure of presenting a thank you note to the organizers and speakers of this Forum's conference on sustainable energy research, held at University of California at Berkeley on March 1-2, 2008.  As this issue of P&S goes "to press" the pdf versions of the speakers' powerpoint presentations are expected be available at the UC Berkeley, Energy Resources Group's Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) site:  http://rael.berkeley.edu/  By this summer, the pdf versions of the 2008 AIP Conference Proceedings chapters are expected to  be available at http://proceedings.aip.org/proceedings/cpreissue.jsp            

We continue our series of articles entitled "What are nuclear weapons for?", the first two articles of which were published in our October 2007 issue.  We look forward to continued contributions to, and debate within, the pages of this newsletter concerning the issues of the day. We also include a letter concerning CO2 emission control and two book reviews.  Thank you to all of our contributors.