The results of the 2003 FPS election are in. We had, as usual, an extremely strong group of candidates. The winners of this year's election are:

7       Chair-Elect: Mark Sakitt

7       Vice-Chair: Tina Kaarsberg

7       Executive Committee: Barry Berman and Susan Ginsberg

As you recall, there were two Chair positions in this year's election. The reason was that Michael Rosenthal resigned his position of Vice-Chair since he accepted a position at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna. Tina Kaarsberg's election to Vice-Chair creates a new vacancy on the Executive Committee because she was elected a member of the Committee in 2002. Thus, an offer was made to Charles Ferguson, who finished third in the election for Executive Committee and we are thrilled that he has graciously agreed to join us effective immediately.

We received a grand total of 479 votes (from a total membership of 4549) of which 36 were paper ballots. Many thanks to everyone who ran this year and to Marc Sher who ran the electronic portion of the election.

Andrew Post Zwicker,