Volume 22, Number 1 January 1993


Meeting announcement: Engineering and Applied Science Societies Collaboration in K-12

The third meeting of Engineering and Applied Science societies committee members and activists in K-12 affairs will take place in Washington, DC on 15-17 January 1993 at the 8th Annual NASTA meeting. Sessions will cover:
  • learning from current K-12 activities of other societies;
  • presentations on outstanding successes in preparing teaching materials, courses, and curricula; and
  • reports from ECSEL (Engineering Coalition of Schools for Excellence in Education and Leadership) on:
  • engineering and applied science courses for the non-scientist engineer population
  • role of STS in engineering education
The meeting is a must for all academic and industrial engineers and scientists entering the area of K-12 teaching--to add information to their enthusiasm. The Annual STS conference brings together the most experienced reformers of both K-12 and college level education; introducing S/T to the non-professional community. For information and submission of abstracts, write or call NASTA, 133 Willard Building, University Park, PA 168-2, phone 814-865-9951; fax 814-865-3047.

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