2015-16 Results

Vice-Chair: TBD

Secretary-Treasurer: TBD

Councillor: TBD

POPA Representative: TBD

Member-at-Large: TBD

Member-at-Large: TBD

2014-15 Results (20% e-participation-highest ever)

Vice-Chair: Allen Sessoms

Member-at-Large: Elizabeth (Betsy) Beise

Member-at-Large: Anna Quider

2013-14 Results (18% e-participation)

Vice-Chair: Ruth Howes

Member-at-Large: Usha Malllik

Member-at-Large: Joan Cartier

2012-13 Results

Vice-Chair: Arian Pregenzer

Secretary-Treasurer: Tina Kaarsberg

Member-at-Large: Beverly Karplus Hartline

Member-at-Large: Philip Michael Tuts

2011-12 Results

Vice-Chair: Micah Lowenthal

Councillor: Lowell Brown

Member-at-Large: Lawrence Krauss

Member-at-Large: Douglas Wright

POPA Representative: Philip Taylor

2009 Results

Vice-Chair: Pushpa Bhat

Secretary-Treasurer: Benn Tannenbaum

Member-at-Large of the Executive Committee: Lea Santos, Richard Wiener