Nominating Committee

Chair: Joel Primack, UCSC
Vivian O’Dell, Fermilab (2nd year)
Keivan Stassun,Vanderbilt University (2nd year)
James Dickerson, Consumers Union (1st year)
Bob Jaffe, MIT (just accepted appointment by APS)

Awards Committee

Chair: Beverly Hartline, Montana Tech
Anthony Fainberg, U.S. Government (several agencies, ret.)
Zia Mian, Princeton (2019 Szilard Awardee)
Shirley Jackson, RPI (2019 Burton Awardee)

Program Committee

Chair: Bill Colglazier, Science and Diplomacy, AAAS
Anna Quider, Northern Illinois University
Richard Wiener, Research Corporation
Juliette Mammei (2019- 21) U Manitoba
Savannah Thais (2019-21) Princeton

Fellowship Committee

Chair: Stewart Prager, Princeton
Steve Fetter, U Maryland
Rob Semper, The Exploratorium (2019 Fellow)