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Ahearne, John F. [1994]
United States Nuclear Regulatory Committee
Citation: For wise counsel and leadership on matters of nuclear reactor safety, waste management, and risk management.

Albright, David [2005]
Institute for Science and International Security
Citation: For ground-breaking technical analysis of secret nuclear weapons program in countries suchas North Korea, Iraq, and South Africa and for his definitive analysis of world-wide fissile material production.

Allen, Lew [1990]
Affiliation not available
Citation: For contributions to the nation through extensive service to the furthering of national goals in space exploration.

Arion, Douglas [2015]
Carthage College
Citation: For groundbreaking work towards improving the educational impact of the physics degree by promoting the widespread adoption of entrepreneurship training and mindset within the discipline.

Arons, Arnold B. [1991]
Affiliation not available
Citation: For pioneering work in the teaching of physics and leadership in the education of future teachers of physics.

Auchincloss, Priscilla S. [2000]
University of Rochester
Citation: In recognition of her exemplary record of service to the APS and for her ongoing effective work to improve the climate for women physicists and to ensure gender equity.

Bardeen, Marjorie G. [2018]
Citation: For sustained, imaginative, extensive, diverse, effective, and groundbreaking contributions to the exposure, immersion, and engagement of K-12 teachers and students at the frontiers of Physics.

Bari, Robert [2012]
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Citation: For his many contributions to nuclear power reactor safety, security, and proliferation resistance, including major contributions to probabilistic risk assessment and to methods for analyzing proliferation resistance of complex nuclear systems; and for leadership in advancing safety internationally

Benka, Stephen G. [2002]
American Institute of Physics
Citation: For his leadership at Physics Today magazine, unwavering commitment --- scientific, social, educational, and political --- and consistently high standards of journalism on behalf of the physics community.

Berman, Michael [2008]
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Citation: For his outstanding leadership, advocacy, and support of physical science research and for fostering and developing innovative and visionary multidisciplinary partnerships.

Bernthal, Frederick Michael [1993]
University Research Associates, Incorporated
Citation: For his contributions to the advancement of science by his distinguished career of science administration in the legislative and executive branches in the U.S. government.

Beyea, Jan E. [2013]
CiPI - Consulting in Public Interest
Citation: For more than three decades of public service through research, analysis, and presentations on issues of major societal concern, including environmental degradation, nuclear reactor safety, energy efficiency, and energy use.

Brecher, Aviva [1999]
Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
Citation: For her many contributions to society in the areas of transportation research, environmental mitigation and strategic arms control.

Brown, Harold [1994]
California Institute of Technology
Citation: For employing quantitative physics results to solve thorny diplomatic and arms control problems, particularly during the negotiations of the Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty.

Budnitz, Robert J. [1987]
Affiliation not available
Citation: For leadership in applying physics to issues in environmental and energy policy and careful studies of the technology of nuclear reactor safety.

Canavan, Gregory Harger [1999]
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Citation: For contributions leading to the improvement of military science and technology, and for his farsighted leadership in the transfer of developments in remote sensing and communications to the scientific, civilian, and commercial sectors.

Carrera, Nicholas J. [1996]
Affiliation not available
Citation: For his key scientific role in the development and negotiation of the verification protocols to the Threshold Test Ban Treaty and for his distinguished contributions to the US arms control efforts.

Carter, Ashton [2015]
United States Office of the Secretary of Defense
Citation: For exceptional service to physics and to society through service in the academy and in government.

Cochran, Thomas B. [1984]
No company provided
Citation: For his original analyses of the technology of nuclear weapons, breeder reactor technology and their relationship to nuclear weapons proliferation.

Colglazier, E. William, Jr. [1996]
National Research Council
Citation: For wise guidance of science and technology studies and insightful development of waste management policies, which demonstrate to the public the positive contributions of physics.

Collins, William [2017]
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Citation: For leadership and engagement with scientific, governmental, and public audiences on the physics of climate change, including outreach through the APS Panel on Public Affairs and its workshops on the APS Climate Change Statement.

Cooper, Benjamin S. [1991]
Affiliation not available
Citation: For his many contributions to national American energy policy, from his position of the staff of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

Corden, Pierce S. [1995]
US Arms Control & Disarmament Agcy
Citation: For steering the American course towards the goal of a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty from the earliest negotiations to the threshold of completion of the accord.

Crannell, Carol Jo [1992]
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Citation: For contributions to physics, especially her extraordinary societal endeavors to ensure that others may enjoy opportunities to participate in exciting science such as her research in solar physics and astrophysics.

Czujko, Roman [2004]
American Institute of Physics
Citation: For his exemplary service to the physics community through his leadership of the American Institute of Physics' Statistics Research Center, which has accumulated, analyzed, and disseminated high quality, relevant data about the physics profession.

Davies, N. Anne [2003]
U.S. Department of Energy
Citation: For her successful efforts guiding the fusion research community through a difficult transition from a program of energy technology development to a healthy program focused on the critical scientific and technology foundations of fusion energy research.

DeVolpi, Alexander [1991]
Argonne National Laboratory
Citation: For innovation, research, and leadership in applying physics for arms control verification, and for contributions to public and government enlightenment on societal consequences of modern technology.

Dowdy, Nancy M. [1995]
Affiliation not available
Citation: For her role on treaty verification at the close of the Cold War, for research accomplishments and leadership in the development of synthetic fuels instrumentation, and for leadership and service in behalf of women in physics.

Dutta, Mitra [2012]
University of Illinois, Chicago
Citation: For research leadership and administration in government and academia, through which she has susported the applications of physics for society, outreach to the public, and enhancement of physics education

Ehrlich, Robert [1991]
George Mason University
Citation: For application of physics to aspects of nuclear arms race and contributions to public education in physics.

Epstein, Gerald Lewis [1994]
Department of Homeland Security
Citation: For technical analysis on international security and energy matters in which he directed the Congressional Office on Technology Assessment studies on the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Fainberg, Anthony [1993]
Affiliation not available
Citation: For fundamental analysis of national security issues of nuclear safeguards and nonproliferation, technology and counter-terrorism, and ballistic missile defenses, and contributions tot he field of national energy policy.

Fathe, Laurie A. [2001]
George Mason University
Citation: For serving as an example of a Civic Scientist - for ongoing work in promoting state and national policy that supports science and science education, and for her efforts to inspire and teach other scientists to be effective in the policy world.

Ferguson II, Charles D. [2013]
Federation of American Scientists
Citation: For applying technical knowledge to public policy on nuclear issues, including nuclear energy, nonproliferation, nuclear and radiological terrorism, and nuclear safety and security; and for communicating that knowledge to society.

Fetter, Steven Alan [1994]
Stanford University
Citation: For scientific analysis on international security issues, especially his treatment of the Comprehensive Test Ban issues, and for service to policy makers in the departments of State and Defense.

Forden, Geoffrey [2007]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Citation: For Innovative and important contributions to arms control and international security, in areas such as proliferation of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, military space programs, early warning systems, and ballistic missile defenses.

Fricke, Martin P. [1988]
No Company Provided
Citation: For research on the uses of particle beams as weapons, assessment of Soviet weapons technology, and application of physics to weapons development.

Fuller, James [2010]
University of Washington
Citation: In recognition of his pivotal contributions to international arms control, nuclear disarmament, and proliferation prevention and for his leadership in educational outreach.

Gadgil, Ashok J. [2001]
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Citation: For his outstanding work modeling air and pollutant transport inside buildings, analyzing energy issues in developing countries, and developing "UV" waterworks" for inexpensively disinfecting drinking water in such countries.

Gershenfeld, Neil [2007]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Citation: For significant contributions ranging from quantum computing to advanced technologies for global development and for leadership in bringing science out of the laboratory and into the real world.

Goldstein, David [1994]
United States Naval Research Laboratory
Citation: For playing a leading role in enactment of energy efficiency laws and regulations in the United States.

Goodman, Mark [2001]
Department of State
Citation: For scholarship and diplomacy to control nuclear materials for preventing nuclear proliferation.

Gronlund, Lisbeth Dagmar [2001]
Union of Concerned Scientists
Citation: In recognition of her many important contributions to arms control, including work on missile defense, missile capabilities and the nuclear fuel cycle as it relates to proliferation, made possible by her ability to analyze technical issues and by her community.

Hafemeister, David W. [1988]
Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo
Citation: For continuing contributions tot he analysis of science and society issues relating to energy and the nuclear arms race.

Hagengruber, Roger [2015]
University of New Mexico
Citation: For decades-long leadership of nuclear arms control and nonproliferation efforts informed by deep knowledge of the U.S. nuclear weapons program.

Hammack, William S. [2008]
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Citation: For enhancing public awareness about physics, science, and technology via his radio commentaries and for his governmental service at the State Department.

Hammer, Philip W. [2002]
The Franklin Institute - Philadelphia, PA
Citation: For dedicated efforts to forge strong links within the physics community and for creative and effective contributions to help the physics community meet its future institutional, social, and educational challenges.

Harte, John [1988]
University of California, Berkeley
Citation: For contributions to the interface between physics and ecology, including development of understanding of climate codification due to nuclear winter and to the impact of acid rain on aquatic ecosystems.

Hecker, Siegfried S. [2009]
Stanford University
Citation: For outstanding leadership in promoting better nuclear security and international cooperation and understanding with Russia, South Asia, and North Korea, in preventing nuclear terrorism, and in ensuring a safe, secure and reliable U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Herzenberg, Caroline Littlejohn [1989]
Argonne National Laboratory
Citation: For leadership and advocacy with respect to women's participation in physics, and for contributions toward assessment of issues relating to space weaponry, and for research accomplishments in Mossbauer spectrometry.

Hobson, Art [1992]
Affiliation not available
Citation: For outstanding development of the Newsletter of the Forum on Physics and Society, and for numerous other contributions in the area of physics and society.

Hoffman, Allan R. [1989]
Department of Energy
Citation: For his many and creative contributions to analyzing and facilitating legislation and Nation Research Council studies on energy, science advice, and science public policy.

Holdren, John P. [1988]
Affiliation not available
Citation: For application of rigorous training in theoretical plasma physics to problems of energy and the environment and leadership in gaining academic recognition for such studies.

Hollander, Jack M. [1987]
University of California, Berkeley
Citation: For founding and directing research programs on energy and the environment and for taking a leading role in the study of global energy resources and requirements.

Howes, Ruth H. [1992]
Ball State University
Citation: For her innovations in the verification of ballistic missile characteristics, which assisted in resolving problems negotiating parts of the Start Treaty, and for her analyses of energy policy and ballistic missile defenses.

Janis, Allen I [1974]
University of Pittsburgh
Citation: Not available

Jeanloz, Raymond [2009]
University of California, Berkeley
Citation: For contributions to the development of sound public policy for nuclear weapons management and nuclear non-proliferation and for engaging scientists in Russia, China, and India in order to address technical and potentially sensitive issues in international security, arms control and disarmament.

Johnson, Neil F. [2017]
University of Miami
Citation: For significant advancements involving the application and implementation of new methods for complex systems and networks, including topics in human conflict, terrorism, and financial market instabilities.

Jones, Alun Denry Wynn [2003]
Affiliation not available
Citation: For significant contributions to the influence of physics, the status of physicists and the standing of the subject in high schools, universities, industry and government in the United Kingdom.

Kaarsberg, Tina Marie [2005]
Office of Policy and International Affairs
Citation: For leadership in analysis of clean energy options and the importance of greater support for physical sciences in energy, climate change, and science & technology policy.

Kammen, Daniel M. [1993]
Affiliation not available
Citation: For his efforts to foster development with culturally appropriate renewable energy projects and to link local sustainable development with programs to mitigate global environmental degradation.

Katz, Jonathan [2011]
Washington University, St Louis
Citation: For his significant and wide-ranging physics analyses at the interface of science and society, including nuclear weapons policy and the killing of oil well blow-outs.

Kelly, Henry C. [1989]
No Company Provided
Citation: For his outstanding contributions to arms control, solar energy, and energy and economic policy.

Kemp, R. Scott [2017]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Citation: For innovative applications of physics to arms control verification, and pivotal scientific contributions to nuclear nonproliferation diplomacy and the understanding of technology-policy interactions in international security.

Kendrick, Hugh [2016]

Citation: For original technical innovations in nuclear materials safeguards, security, and nonproliferation; and for policymaking in national security and the environment.

Kerr, Donald M. [2002]
CIA - Central Intelligence Agency
Citation: For outstanding talent, public service and scientific leadership that have made significant contributions to the national security of the United States.

Lanza, Richard C. [2018]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Citation: For innovative application of physics and the development of new technologies to allow detection of explosives and weapon-usable nuclear materials, which has greatly benefited national and international security.

Lempert, Robert J [2003]
RAND Corporation
Citation: For leadership in showing how modern computer technology and insights from the study of complex adaptive systems can be applied to policy problems in science, technology, and environmental policy.

Levi, Barbara Goss [1991]
Affiliation not available
Citation: For her objective analyses and expositions of the physics behind many nuclear weapons issues, and for her lucid explanations of current research for the readers of Physics Today.

Lewis, George N. [2002]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Citation: For excellence in the physics of arms control, outstanding analysis of arms control issues, especially ballistic missile defense, and effective contributions to public understanding of these issues.

Lowenthal, Micah [2016]
National Academies of Science
Citation: For leadership to establish constructive dialogue between U.S. scientists and their counterparts in Russia, China, India, and other countries regarding technical cooperation on nuclear arms control and nonproliferation.

Lyons, Peter B. [2002]
Science And Technology Advisor to Senator Domenici
Citation: For outstanding contributions to science policy in the United States, exemplary leadership in management of research and development at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and significant wide-ranging research on optical fibers.

Makhijani, Arjun [2007]
Institute for Energy & Environmental Research
Citation: For his tireless efforts to provide the public with accurate and understandable information on energy and environmental issues.

Marsh, Gerald E. [1995]
Argonne National Laboratory
Citation: For more than fifteen years of technical-policy contributions to nuclear arms control issues, including the comprehensive test ban, strategic defense, nuclear-naval strategy, and information-security reform, all in addition to contributions in various areas of theoretical and applied physics.

Martinez, Joseph V. [1993]
Affiliation not available
Citation: For his national leadership in minority education, his active encouragement of young minority scientists, and his development of the atomic physics program at the Department of Energy.

May, Michael M. [1995]
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Citation: For high scientific quality and demonstrated personal integrity devoted to the cause of decreasing the threat of nuclear war and developing an international regime of arms control.

McNeil, Laurie Elizabeth [2001]
University of North Carolina
Citation: For numerous contributions towards improving the climate for women in physics, including extending the Committee on the Status of Women in Physics Academic Site Visit Program and performing an extensive report on the dual-career couple problem.

Meserve, RIchard A. [1989]
Carnegie Institute
Citation: For his contributions at the interface of physics and society, especially for his report on safety problems of nuclear reactors at government laboratories.

Meshkov, Natalia Kalfe [1995]
Argonne National Laboratory
Citation: For her use of scientific approaches to environmental problems and for her pioneering work in establishing programs for women in science.

Neff, Thomas L. [1993]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Citation: For contributions to nuclear-weapons nonproliferation policy and especially for conceptualizing the U.S. purchase of nuclear-power-reactor fuel of uranium recovered from dismantled Soviet warheads.

Nero, Anthony V. [1987]
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Citation: For his leadership in the study of radon and indoor air quality and assessment of risks associated with nuclear, geothermal, and fossil fuel generation of electric power.

Pregenzer, Arian [2012]
Sandia National Laboratories
Citation: For her leadership in advancing arms control monitoring and verification technologies and for establishing and leading international scientific cooperation for arms control and international security

Price, Phillip Nicholas [2003]
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Citation: For his outstanding work to develop predictive maps of indoor radon, perform real-time computed tomography of tracer gas plumes, and public outreach for protecting building occupants from chemical and biological agents.

Prosnitz, Donald [2002]
United States Department of Justice
Citation: For major contributions to physics and society spanning fundamental physics research to national security and law enforcement technologies, including pioneering technical contributions to the development of Free Electron Lasers.

Rees, William [2011]
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Citation: For applying technical expertise and policy knowledge to strengthen the nation's physics enterprise.

Rochlin, Gene I. [1990]
University of California, Berkeley
Citation: For a broad range of studies in technology and society, especially those on nuclear-fuel cycles and related issues of spent-fuel handling and nuclear proliferation, and those on the behavior of institutions in the face of technical issues.

Romer, Robert H. [1991]
Amherst College
Citation: For his innovative energy-based physics textbook and other writings on the energy problem, and for his editorial work for the entire physics community.

Rosenthal, Michael D. [1999]
Arms Control & Disarmament Agency
Citation: For leadership in the control of the spread of nuclear weapons, combining technical analysis with diplomatic expertise to help the United States achieve the extension of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Rowberg, Richard [2010]
National Academy of Sciences
Citation: For many contributions to the incorporation of technical insight into government decisions through his many advisory roles to the Congress on science and technology policy.

Roy, Rustom [1989]
Affiliation not available
Citation: As director of the Penn State Science Technology and Society Program, and in many other ways, he has considerably improved our understanding of the interaction between science, technology, and society.

Sagan, Carl Edward [1989]
Affiliation not available
Citation: For his sustained and exceptional contributions to the public understanding of science and societal impacts of technology.

Schroeer, Dietrich [1991]
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Citation: For his interpretation of science to the public, and for his efforts to get physicists and students to think analytically and professionally about the social implications of their technical knowledge.

Scribner, Richard A. [1987]
Affiliation not available
Citation: For leadership in applying physics to arms control problems and for developing the Scientific Congressional Fellowship Program. Your coordination of the efforts of the scientific societies which participate in his program enable these societies to provide important scientific input to the public policy debate.

Semper, Robert J. [2018]
Citation: For extraordinary accomplishments and creative innovations bringing the wonder and excitement of physics to the public and policymakers through on-line lab tours, national and international partnerships, and the development of exhibits and innovative resources for teachers, museum educators, and children.

Sessoms, Allen [2008]
University of District of Columbia
Citation: For exceptional contributions to the global society in understanding and addressing the challenges posed by nuclear and other advanced energy technologies.

Shapero, Donald [2007]
National Academy of Sciences
Citation: For his seminal contributions in framing the field of physics in a persuasive and compelling manner so as to broaden its understanding and support; and for his dedicated commitment to physics and astronomy through service with the National Academies.

Slakey, Francis [2001]
American Physical Society
Citation: For developing effective grassroots advocacy within the American Physical Society and for forcefully and successfully advocating key APS positions on issues including the federal science budget.

Snow, Joel A. [1995]
Iowa State University
Citation: For leadership in formulation and analysis of science policy, effective communication of science to the public, accomplishments in science management and administration, and support of women and minorities in physics.

Socolow, Robert H. [1983]
Princeton University
Citation: For actively developing technical knowledge of energy usage, and making this knowledge available to a broad public.

Stassun, Keivan [2016]
Vanderbilt University
Citation: For helping to substantially increase Ph.D. attainment in physics and astronomy for underrepresented minorities, and for fundamental contributions to the astrophysics of young stars and brown dwarfs.

Stroscio, Michael Anthony [2004]
University of Illinois, Chicago
Citation: For the application of physics to issues affecting society, for leadership in government efforts to maintain open scientific communications, and for theoretical research in the physical sciences.

Tannenbaum, Benn [2015]
Sandia National Laboratory
Citation: For outstanding contributions to international peace and security by addressing nuclear arms control, nonproliferation, and terrorism; and for mentoring young scientists and educating students to bring science to bear on societal challenges.

Taylor, John Joseph [1996]
Electric Power Research Institute (retired)
Citation: For leadership in developing safer reactors, especially the concept of small, passive designs; and for contributions to disposition of plutonium from dismantled nuclear weapons.

Telson, Michael L. [2004]
University of California, Washington Center
Citation: For his contributions as both a senior congressional staffer, and a senior administrator in the US Department of Energy to the support of the physical sciences in the US.

Thomas, Valerie [1998]
Princeton University
Citation: For her efforts to build an active interface between the science of materials and pollutants, and the avenues mechanisms necessary to build sound management strategies, and to build international networks of environmental science and policy researchers.

Trebes, James E. [2016]
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Citation: For contributions in laser physics and the application of physics to other disciplines, for leadership in multiple national security areas, and for contributions to education in the sciences and engineering.

Trefil, James S. [1983]
Georg Mason University
Citation: For his inspired exposition in books and articles which made the excitement and beauty of modern physics available to educated Americans, resulting in enormous popular support for the discipline.

Tsipis, Kosta [1984]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Citation: For his perceptive use of physics and physical principles in the analysis of proposed weapons systems and for the influential papers which resulted from his work.

Tyson, De Grasse, Neil [2010]
Princeton University
Citation: For his leadership as an educator who has excited millions of people about astrophysics and science, and for his service to the United States on commissions on NASA, space exploration, and the aerospace industry.

Varshney, Usha [2009]
National Science Foundation
Citation: For outstanding leadership and advocacy in advancing and promoting the fundamentals of device physics by formulating innovative and visionary research and education programs in spin and flexible electronics.

von Hippel, Frank [1983]
Princeton University
Citation: For his contributions to the understanding of the relationship between physics and society and for his many perceptive papers on subjects from nuclear war to the fuel efficiency of automobiles.

Walske(Deceased), M. Carl [1984]
No company provided
Citation: For his tireless advocacy of a sensible exploitation of nuclear energy combined with rational safeguards against proliferation and for his participation in test ban negotiations in their earliest days.

Wheelon, Albert Dewell [1999]
Citation: For a career devoted to national defense and space communication, and especially for scientific contributions to developing national technical means of verification, which have greatly furthered strategic arms control, national security, and global peace.

Wilkening, Dean [2008]
Stanford University
Citation: For his extensive contributions to understanding ballistic missile defense, bioterrorism and civil defense, and for his training of the next generation of physicists involved in arms control.

Williams, Robert [1988]
Affiliation not available
Citation: For contributing to the development of energy conserving technologies, and to the overcoming of institutional barriers to their implementation; for extensive service to the physics community through work with the ACEEE and the FAS.

Wolfson, Richard [2009]
Middlebury College
Citation: For outstanding work in educating the general public and college-level students on energy, environmental issues, and physics, in contributing to the local and state communities in Vermont in striving to achieve carbon neutrality, and in research in astrophysics involving numerous undergraduates.

Wollan, David S. [1998]
US Arms Control & Disarmament Agncy
Citation: For leadership in the arms control of both offensive and defensive strategic arms, combining deep technical analysis with legal and diplomatic expertise regarding the SALT II, START I, and ABM treaties.

Wright, David C. [2002]
Union of Concerned Scientists
Citation: For outstanding analysis of arms control issues, especially on ballistic missile defense, and for dedicated scholarship, teaching, and efforts to promote international understanding of these issues.

Zimmerman, Peter D. [1990]
Kings College
Citation: For analysis and participation on nuclear arms issues in the START talks and in the public sector.

Zwicker, Andrew [2010]
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Citation: For his outstanding service to Physics and Society issues and his excellent leadership on innovative education research and education outreach.