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Budil, Kimberly Susan [2019]
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Citation: For extraordinary leadership in developing national security partnerships between laboratories, academia, and governments, and for promoting diversity in science.

Dickerson, James H [2019]
Consumer Reports
Citation: For longstanding contributions to physics diversity through mentoring, outreach, championing the APS Bridge Program, and helping launch the Fisk-Vanderbilt Bridge model, as well as leadership to assure quality science underpins Consumer Reports' product evaluations.

Perc, Matjaz [2019]
University of Maribor
Citation: For seminal theoretical contributions to the physics of social systems which have strengthened the ties between physics and society through the promotion of human cooperation, the provisioning of public goods, and the maintenance of biodiversity.

White, Marion M [2019]
Argonne National Laboratory
Citation: For tireless efforts to increase the participation of women and minorities in physics, especially through one-on-one mentoring and educating minorities in elementary school through college about opportunities in the field.