APS FIP Fellows 2018

It is a pleasure to recognize and congratulate our five FIP members who have recently been elected to APS Fellowship upon nomination by the FIP. They have been awarded for their significant contributions to physics and the advancement of physics throughout the world.

Congratulations to all!

Ming-Chung ChuMing-Chung Chu
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Citation: For pioneering work in neutrino physics experiment in Daya Bay, and for his dedicated efforts in nurturing, promoting and internationalizing the STEM education in Hong Kong, as well as promoting international collaboration through the Daya Bay reactor neutrino experiment and ATLAS.



Amy K. FlattenAmy K. Flatten
American Physical Society
Citation: In recognition of her program development serving physicists worldwide, especially in support of scientists in the Middle East through the SESAME Travel Award Program, and for fostering new opportunities for international collaboration among young physicists from diverse cultural backgrounds.



Jason S. GardnerJason S. Gardner
National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center
Citation: For leadership in the application of neutron scattering techniques in geometrically-frustrated magnets, for global outreach in neutron scattering and for the support of international students and scientists worldwide in their early careers.



Ernesto A. MedinaErnesto A. Medina
School of Physics and Nanotechnology, YachayTech, Ecuador
Citation: For many contributions to the physics of quantum transport in disordered and spin active media, and for his deep influence on physics in Venezuela, through teaching as well as through leadership in research.



Alexander ValishevAlexander Valishev
Citation: For outstanding contributions to the physics of particle beams at the international research facilities, such as the Tevatron and the Large Hadron Collider, for leadership in accelerator science, and for tireless mentorship and supervision of an international summer internship program at Fermilab.