Photos from the APS 2017 March Meeting and FIP Reception

FIP reception photo 4

Meeting attendees enjoying the FIP Reception

FIP reception photo 6

FIP Executive Committee Meeting at the March Meeting 2017: Maria Longobardi, Jason S. Gardner, Kate Kirby, Elisa Molinari, Elena Aprile, Roy J. Peterson, Young-Kee Kim, Maria Spiropulu, Aldo Romero, Cherrill Spencer and Surajit Sen

FIP reception photo 1

Cherrill Spencer (in the center) with the new APS Fellows Christine Darve

Cultural Heritage Speakers

The invited speakers of the Cultural Heritage Investigations Session (l to r): C. Falco, P. Londero, M. Wiescher, E. Guardincerri, R. Tykot.

FIP reception photo 3

Awarded DS Student at the March Meeting 2017 with Cherrill Spencer (Left) and Jason S. Gardner (Right)

FIP reception photo 2

Christine Darve (Left) and Maria Longobardi (Right)