Fall 2016 Newsletter

Ernie Malamud, Editor
Maria Longobardi, Associate Editor

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From the Editor
Ernie Malamud

Message from the Chair
Maria Spiropulu

Report from the APS International Affairs Office (INTAF)
Amy Flatten

From the New Editor
Maria Longobardi

APS Spring Meetings

FIP Activities at the March and April 2016 Meetings

Physics Diplomacy, Careers and Research in 15 Different Countries Feature in FIP’s Invited Sessions at the 2017 APS Meetings, Cherrill Spencer


John Wheatley Award, Edmond L. Berger

Fourth African School of Fundamental Physics and its Applications in Rwanda, Christine Darve

Second Nordic Particle Accelerator School at Lund University, Christine Darve


The International Union of Pure and Applied Physics, Kennedy Reed

The Contribution of the IUCr to the Development of Scientific Education, Research and Infrastructure in Africa, Michele Zema

OSU Stem Faculty Training Project Achieves Milestone, Sultana Nahar

Completion of the First Phase of a Major New Magnetic Fusion Experiment, Harold Weizner

Plasma Physics in Canada, Michael Bradley

Shaping Africa by Education, and Information and Communication Technology, Christine Darve

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