Spring 2016 Newsletter

Ernie Malamud, Editor

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Message from the Chair
Maria Spiropulu

Report from the APS International Affairs Office (INTAF)
Amy Flatten

From the Editor
Ernie Malamud

APS Spring Meetings

FIP Sponsored or Co-sponsored Sessions at the APS 2016 Spring Meetings


FIP Elections Matter - Get Involved!, Edmond Berger

2016 Andrei Sakharov Prize Awarded to Zafra Lerman

FIP Members Recognized as APS Fellows


The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble, Anya Joly

A Synchrotron Light Source for Africa, Sekazi K. Mtingwa

Russian-American Scientists Meet in Washington, Honor George Gamow, Vladimir Shiltsev

Ukrainian Physical Society (UPS) Cooperation with the APS, Yaroslaw Bazaliy, Mykhaylo Belogolovskii and George Gamota

The Malta Conferences, Frontiers of Science: Research and Education in the Middle East, Morton Hoffman and Zafra Lerman

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