Spring 2015 Newsletter

Ernie Malamud, Editor

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Message from the Chair
Edmond L Berger

Report from the APS International Affairs Office (INTAF)
Amy Flatten

From the Editor
Ernie Malamud


FIP Sponsored or co-sponsored events at the APS Spring Meetings

Co-sponsored by CSWP and FIP: “The 5th International Conference on Women in Physics”

Three newly elected members of the FIP Executive Committee


Mentoring a Generation of Materials Scientists in Africa, George Amolo and Richard M. Martin

Jefferson Science Fellowships at the US Department of State, R. J. (Jerry) Peterson

CERIC-ERIC, a new Central European Research Infrastructure, Nicoletta Carboni

Future Circular Collider (FCC) Study, Michael Benedikt and Frank Zimmermann

The CEPC-SPPC Project (Circular Electron Positron Collider – Super Proton Proton Collider), a Trip to China, Ernie Malamud

Accelerators in Australia, Mark Boland

Reflections on the Fifth International Conference on Women in Physics, Chandralekha Singh

Saudi Arabia Connection, Sultana Nahar

Education and Innovation in Global Science, Emanuela Barzi

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