From the Editor

Ernie Malamud

There is no dearth of interesting articles in this issue. Perhaps my complaint in our last issue helped! And there are already several more articles lined up for the next issue this fall.

Fall 2015 newsletter deadline is August 15, 2015

Think about writing a short article and/or sending a couple of pictures with long caption. Or suggest possible topics and/or authors. Please send text in MSword format and graphical material as JPGs.

I thank the authors for the many excellent articles included in this issue. They cover a wide range of international physics activities and events in many different countries.

Sultana Nahar has contributed a trip report on her recent visit to Saudi Arabia. I learn a great deal from her articles about physics research and teaching in parts of the world quite unknown to me. Nahar’s tireless dedication in communicating in person with physicists in many countries is exemplary. I also made an interesting trip at the end of last year, to China, not as an exotic place as Saudi Arabia, but quite new to me. I have written up and include in this issue a short account of the exciting CEPC-SPPC (Circular Electron Positron Collider – Super Proton Collider) project that I worked on in China.

Also, I echo Ed Berger’s request that you be proactive in nominating worthy candidates for APS Fellow.

Ernie Malamud spent three decades at Fermilab participating in high energy physics experiments and accelerator design and construction. He is a Fermilab Scientist Emeritus and is on the adjunct faculty at the University of Nevada.

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