Entrepreneurship workshop held in Mexico

From Judy Franz

A five-day workshop on entrepreneurship for scientists and engineers was held in Mexico in early December, attended by 35 people from six countries in the local region.

Participants in the workshops were given a range of information relevant to producing a business plan, including on intellectual property, steps needed to commercialize a product, and metrics to evaluate the process. Working in groups, business plans were presented to a panel of judges on day five.

Specials presentations were also made by guest speakers from academia and government.

Eight of the participants indicated an intention to be involved in entrepreneurial activity within the next two years.

This came to me from IOP, but APS was involved in it and Amy Flatten was there. It is a follow up activity from the IUPAP South Africa conference in 2005. Several such workshops have been held in different parts of the world.

Dr. Judy Franz, a condensed matter physicist, was our APS Executive Officer from 1994 – 2009.

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