Participate and vote!!


From Noemi Mirkin, FIP Secretary-Treasurer

The Executive Committee of the Forum on International Physics consists of 13 voting members. The following positions become vacant beginning January 2014: Vice-Chair, (4-year term in the Forum's chair line), APS Councillor (4-year term), and two Members-at-Large (3-year terms). The Nominating Committee, chaired by Bill Barletta, did an excellent job selecting the candidates for this election.

The election begins October 1 and ends November 30. All members of FIP will receive official ballot information by email. The notification will include links to brief bios and statements of the candidates and the ballot itself.

The newly elected members will start their terms January 1st, 2014. They will replace the four outgoing members of the FIP Executive Committee whose terms end December 31, 2013: Bill Barletta, Herman Winick, Carl Akerlof and Eugene Chudnovsky.

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