June 2009 Newsletter

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Table of Contents

View from the Chair
John Clark
2008 APS Fellows
Nominated by FIP
IInd International Andean School and Conference on Spectoscopy
F. Chandezon and M.-L. Saboungi
Letter to the Reader
K.R. Sreenivasan
The Mexican Physical Society
Luis Rodriguez
The UNESCO Physics Action Council
Irving A. Lerch
The Birth of the North American Chapter of the Ethiopian Physics Society
Solomon Bililign
The Overseas Chinese Physics Association
Chien-Peng Yuan
Science and a World in Transition: Selected memories of an international science bureaucrat (Episode 3 -5)
Irving A. Lerch
The Iranian-American Physicists (IrAP) Network
Hamid Javadi
Physics in Africa March Meeting Session
Abebe Kebede, Paul Gueye and Dave Ernst
Women in Physics in the Baltic States: Story of a Growing Consciousness Process
Dalia Satovskiene

Different sides of the Jabłoński Diagram on its 75th Anniversary
Lidia Smentek

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