May 2008 Newsletter

View from the Chair
Satoshi Ozaki
Selected Memories of an International Science Bureaucrat, Part 1
By Irving Lerch
The Polish Physical Society
By Przemyslaw Deren and Lidia Smentek
Defusing the Nuclear Threat
By Martin E. Hellman
In Memory of Professor Gallieno Denardo
By K.R. Sreenivasan
On the Importance of Scientific Communication Between Iranian and Western Scientists
By Reza Mansouri
Lithuanian Physical Society
By Zenonas Rokus Rudzikas
Albert Abraham Michelson: "A Pole - well up in Arithmetic"
By Lidia Smentek & Tomasz Kardaś
The New York Academy of Science
By Ellis Rubinstein
The Andrei Sakharov Prize
By Betty Tsang
Acceptance Speech of the Andrei Sakharov Prize
By Liangying Xu
FIP Sponsored Events at the APS April Meeting 2008
Photos & Sessions

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