"Physics and Human Energy" Project

The group of researchers from the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University is engaged in studying a life phenomenon from the standpoint of physics. A project "Physics and Human Energy" was developed for an in-deep investigation of this problem.

We would like to propose you to look through the enclosed summary of the project. If its topic corresponds to your scientific interests, you consider it relevant and decide to become a collaborator of this Project, please express your consent in a written statement. The letter of a collaborator could be found at our site: http://www.istc.ru

Best regards,

Dr. Nina Denisova
Scientific Advisor

Project "Physics and Human Energy"

Title: Physics and Human Energy

Purpose of the Project. Disclosure of a physical nature of a human vital energy will allow finding its origin inside of an organism and working out methods for activation of organism's vital processes with the help of external sources of the vital energy.

Actuality. The biological physics turns from a subsidiary biology area to the real physics of a life phenomenon. Exactly this scientific area can help biological science in solution of its main problem - a problem of a living cell. It requires discovering a physical nature of a vital energy.

Tasks of the Project. A problem of a physical nature of the human's vital energy should be considered and solved in two dimensions: on the level of a living cell and on a scale of a whole organism.

The first task. Disclosure of a physical nature of the human's vital energy, generated by cells of an organism.

The second task. A human organism is always under the influence of a very powerful factor - gravity. Therefore, it is necessary to find out a role of gravitation as a source of the vital energy in maintenance of integrity of an organism.

The third task. Development of a method for activation of vital processes in a human organism by dint of charging it through the skin with the vital energy, generated by external sources - microorganisms.

Methods of investigation. Two first tasks belong to fundamental science and should be solved by means of a theoretical research, modeling and biophysical experiments. The third task has an applied aspect, thus it should be solved by means of physiotherapic studies and clinical tests.

Expected results. The realization of the Project will allow discovering primary sources and processes, which provide an organism with the vital energy through the skin using external sources - microorganisms. It will make more active many vital processes, increase durability of life and raise its quality.

The basis of the given Project is made up of rich experience ofweapon scientists and will help to conduct necessary studies at the highest scientific standards.

We hope that the objectives of this Project will promote development of Life Sciences and the results will find concrete application for solution of issues of fundamental and applied science in such fields as Gravity and Life and Life on the Earth.