Call for Nominations

The Executive Committee of the Forum on International Physics consists of 13 voting members. The following positions become vacant beginning January 2013:

1) Vice-Chair
2) Two Members-at-Large
3) Secretary/Treasurer

The purpose of this message is to invite you to nominate candidates for these positions. If you wish to review the current make up of the FIP Executive Committee, please go to:

Harvey Newman, Past Chair of the Executive Committee, serves as Chair of the Nominating Committee. Submit nominations directly to him ( Nominations will close on July 15, 2012.

Nominators: please verify that the nominee has agreed to be a candidate before you send in the nomination. WE URGE YOU TO USE THE FORM BELOW (also posted on the FIP web site).

The new Executive Committee members will be expected to participate in the activities of the FIP. Chief among these is the annual meeting of the Executive Committee - usually held in conjunction with the APS March or April Meetings. If you or you nominee have any questions regarding FIP and the election process, please contact Harvey Newman.

The Nominating Committee will identify the candidates from the list of nominees, and you will then have an opportunity to vote your preference.

Get involved!!

Noemi Mirkin
Secretary/Treasurer FIP

Form for the Nomination of Candidates for Vice-Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, and/or Member-At-Large

Dear Colleague,

To nominate a colleague, we ask you to contact the nominee and gain her/his assent.  If they agree to stand for election, please request a copy of a current CV to be appended to this form.  If you are nominating yourself, please pay close attention to paragraph 3, below, calling for the naming of colleagues who support this nomination.

1. I have contacted the candidate and she/he has agreed to stand for election if selected by the Nominating Committee.  The candidate's full name, position, and contact information is:

2. Please provide a statement of no more than 500 words explaining

your reasons for nominating this colleague as a candidate for Vice-Chair (Member-at-Large, secretary/Treasurer) of the Forum (keep in mind that in the case of  the  Vice-Chair, he/she  will serve in the Forum's leadership for four years - first as Vice-Chair, then as Chair-Elect, to succeed to Chair in the third year  and a final year as Past Chair). Emphasize those qualifications and qualities  that you believe will make your nominee an exceptional leader of the community.

3. It will be useful to have the concurrence and opinion of other colleagues.  Please list names and contact information of two other colleagues (three colleagues in the case of self-nominations) who will be prepared to second your nomination.  The Nominating Committee may wish to contact them for additional information:


4. Please append the CV of your nominee.

For further information concerning the Bylaws and duties of Forum Officers, see the FIP web site accessible from the Membership link on the APS web site.