Mario Carlos Marconi

Candidate for Vice-Chair

Short biography

Mario Carlos MarconiInstitution: Colorado State University. Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Fort Collins, CO 80523-1373.

Resume: Professional Career: 2004–Present. Professor. Electrical and Computing Engineering Department. Colorado State University. Associate Professor Department of Physics, Buenos Aires University (2001-2004), Adjoin Department Head. Physics Department Buenos Aires University (1997-2001). Assistant Professor Department of Physics, Buenos Aires University (1992-2000). Visiting Scientist. Electrical Engineering Department, Colorado State University (1986-1991). Member of the Argentinean National Research Council (1992- 2004).

Professional Societies: Optical Society of America. Fellow (2011) for “significant contributions to the development of compact soft x-ray lasers and for pioneering their use in table-top coherent lithography, holography, and interferometry”. IEEE (Photonics Society). Fellow (2012) for “for contributions to development and use of compact soft x-ray lasers”. American Physical Society.

Professional Service: Member of the organizing committee of the lV National Workshop in Photophysics, Buenos Aires, 1993, "Soft X-Ray Lasers and Applications" (1995, 1997 and 1999). Member of the Executive Committee of the Photophysics Division. Argentinean Physical Society, Member of the organizing committee of the VII OPTILAS and IV RIAO (2001), reviewer in NSF panels, Czech Scientific Foundation, Argentinean Agency for Research, Argentinean Research Council, Chair of the Denver IEEE-LEOS Chapter (2006-2008), Secretary of the Denver chapter IEEE Photonics Society (2009-2011), Associate Editor for IEEE Photonics Journal. (2011),Topical Editor for Applied Optics (2011).

Publications: 207 publications, including 107 peer review journal articles. He co-authored 278 conference presentations including 51 invited abstracts/proceedings.

Research interests: Applications of extreme ultraviolet lasers to nanofabrication and high resolution imaging, microscopy and holography.

Candidate Statement

One of the primary missions of a professional society like the APS is to promote the collaboration among colleagues in different countries and encourage participation of young professionals and students. On this path it will be important to emphasize the connections between “pure” laser science and applications, promoting the inter-disciplines and the participation of industry in meetings, web-groups, student chapters, etc.. Any activity designed to help the advancing of the knowledge of physics and to improve the dissemination of the impact of our discipline in the society is part of the APS mission as well. I have been working in laser science my entire professional career, and had the fortune to participate in few ground-breaking developments. I would enjoy putting my professional and personal experience at the service of the Society taking a more active role in the Forum for International Physics.