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Ardalan, Farhad [2009]
Sharif Univ of Tech
Citation: For pioneering work in applications of noncommutative geometry in string theory and gauge theories, and for promoting the participation of Iranian scientists in CERN and Middle-East programs.

Chang, Ching-Ray [2009]
National Taiwan University
Citation: For contributions to the theory of magnetism and the development of computational approaches in spin transport, and for leadership in fostering international research and education in Asia.

Danzmann, Karsten V. [2009]
Institut fur Gravitationsphysik
Citation: For his innovation and leadership in gravitational wave detection across its full spectrum and for promoting collaboration across national boundaries.

Fujiwara, Mamoru [2009]
Osaka University
Citation: For many and continuing contributions to nuclear physics involving innovative use of high-resolution spectrometers for charge-exchange reactions, and leadership in wide-ranging international collaborations and activities.

Gong, Xingao [2009]
Fudan University
Citation: For innovative theoretical studies of the properties of clusters and wires, development of theoretical treatments of pressure effects on materials, and for tireless promotion of international collaborations in computational materials physics.

Ordonez, Carlos R. [2009]
University of Houston
Citation: For contributions to the effective chiral langrangian theory of the nucleon-nucleon interaction and to conformal quantum mechanics and its applications, particularly to black-hole thermodynamics, and for extensive efforts toward developing science in Latin America.

Phua, Kok-Khoo [2009]
World Scientific Publishing Co
Citation: For tireless efforts to strengthen scientific research throughout Asia and promote international physics education and scholarly exchanges, and for enriching science and education through the World Scientific Publishing Company he founded.

Zegenhagen, Jorg [2009]
European Synchroton Rad Fac
Citation: For his innovative contributions to the study of surfaces and interfaces with synchrotron radiation and his support of international science.