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Begel, Michael [2019]
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Citation: For international leadership in contributions toward a better understanding of jets and related physics in the ATLAS and DZero experiments, leading to advances in the trigger and data acquisition in the ATLAS upgrades.

Benedikt, Michael Markus [2019]
Citation: For scientific leadership in the Future Circular Collider Study, and for promoting global collaboration in particle physics research to build the world’s largest international collider.

Cifarelli, Luisa [2019]
University of Bologna
Citation: For leadership in high energy physics and tireless efforts to strengthen international collaboration in physics.

Galbiati, Cristiano [2019]
Princeton University
Citation: For the measurement of Berillium-7 and pep solar neutrinos and for the development of the liquid argon technology for the background-free exploration of dark matter at the Gran Sasso underground laboratory.

Hurd, Alan James [2019]
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Citation: For seminal advances in the physics of soft matter and applications of neutron scattering, and for advancing international science diplomacy.