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Ali, Ahmed [2017]
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY
Citation: For contributions in phenomenology using quantum-chromo-dynamics in precision tests of the standard model, advising and organizing international conferences and schools, and for fostering scientific collaboration among physicists from a large number of countries with diverse cultural backgrounds.

Mitra, Sushanta [2017]
York University - Ontario
Citation: For fundamental contributions to micro- and nano-scale fluid transport, including under-liquid wetting dynamics, as well as development of tools and techniques for energy exploration and water quality monitoring, and for establishing physics exchange programs and ties with many communities in India.

Rangacharyulu, Chilakamarri [2017]
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada
Citation: For worldwide contributions to enhancing diversity and excellence in physics and science, from low-energy nuclear structure physics through subatomic physics at intermediate energies to high energy particle physics.

Sharma, A. Surjalal [2017]
University of Maryland - College Park
Citation: For pioneering and sustained contributions to nonlinear dynamical modeling of non-equilibrium phenomena in space physics and to the development of data-enabled science and for his leadership in fostering international collaborations.

Spagnolo, Bernardo [2017]
Universita di Palermo, Italy
Citation: For distinguished contributions to the theory of noise-induced phenomena and relaxation dynamics in metastable systems and interdisciplinary applications in biological systems and ecosystems.

Zhu, Shining [2017]
Nanjing University
Citation: For distinguished contributions to ferroelectric physics, quasi-phase-matched nonlinear optics, laser physics and technology, nano-photonics and metamaterials and leadership in enhancing the international physics community.