New FIAP Fellows

Please join us in congratulating the newly elected APS Fellows nominated by FIAP, also listed on the APS Fellow Archive page.

Adler, Edward
Citation: “For significant scientific advancement in the application of plasma-based electronic systems to advanced space communications, and for the advancement of systems and processes necessary to transition novel physics into technical innovation, both in government and private sector capacities.”

Brown, Robert G.W.
American Institute of Physics
Citation: “For leadership and pioneering contributions in research, development, and technology transfer of many commercially important optoelectronic concepts, devices, and applications.”

Gordon, Michael S.
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Citation: “For excellence in the application of concepts from nuclear physics in lithography, soft- error physics, metrology, and materials characterization.”

Hussain, Muhammad M.
King Abdullah University of Science & Technology
Citation: “For contributions to exploration, evaluation, and transition of planar and nonplanar high-k/metal gate complementary metal oxide semiconductor electronics, silicon/silicon- germanium/III-V nanotube devices, and flexible, stretchable, reconfigurable complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor electronic systems.”

Iyer, Subramanian
University of California - Los Angeles
Citation: “For the commercialization of semiconductor and packaging technology products.”

Lambert, Steven
American Physical Society
Citation: “For developing innovations in hard disk drive heads and disks which helped sustain the dramatic increases in capacity delivered by the magnetic recording industry.”

Léonard, François
Sandia National Laboratories
Citation: “For fundamental studies of the physics of nanoscale electronic devices.”

Steiner, Mathias B.
IBM Research Laboratory
Citation: “For outstanding contributions to industrial and applied physics, especially in the development of novel methods for the experimental investigation and technological application of nanometer scale materials.”

Sun, Handong
Nanyang Technological University
Citation: “For outstanding contributions to optoelectronics with novel characterization and deep understanding of photonic materials and structures, leading to practical high-performance devices.”

Ye, Peide "Peter"
Purdue University
Citation: “For contributions to scientific understanding and technical development of transistor technology on novel channel materials.”

Nominations are open now for 2017, see information on the APS Fellowship page. Please consider which of your colleagues are deserving of this distinction, with particular attention to women and other under- represented groups.

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