Industry Mentoring for Physicists (IMPact)

Industry Mentoring for Physicists (IMPact) logioAPS has launched a new Industry Mentoring for Physicists program (IMPact) which connects graduate students and post-docs with physicists working in the private sector. The mentoring is intended to be short-term, with four discussions recommended during 90 days. Response has been strong with 120 Mentors and more than 300 Mentees registered so far. There have been 90 matches to date with very positive feedback from participants after the recommended 90-day discussion period.

Do you have physics experience in the private sector or as an entrepreneur that you can share with others? Are you a graduate student or early career member that would like to learn about physicists in industry? Registering for IMPact takes only five minutes, so go to the IMPact website and get started. Both Mentors and Mentees must be APS members to participate.

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