Spring 2015 Newsletter

Joe Mantese, Editor

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Letter from the Chair

FIAP Activities 2014: Building the Industrial Physics Community
by John Rumble
The importance of industrial physics is clearly high; the contributions by industrial physicists to science, technology, the economy, and society are large and well documented.

FIAP Focus: National Issues in Industrial Physics

National Issues in Industrial Physics Workshop
by John Rumble
The Workshop on National Issues in Industrial Physics, jointly sponsored by APS and FIAP, will occur on October 6-7, 2014 in St. Michaels, MD to identify and prioritize those issues important to U.S. industrial physics.


Free Job Postings for Internship Jobs
by Steven Lambert
The APS offers free job postings for internships.

Announcements & Meetings

George E. Pake Prize
Thomas N. Theis of the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center received the 2015 George E. Pake Prize “For his major individual contributions at the forefront of semiconductor science, and his inspiring and insightful leadership in the management of industrial research in nanoscale science and technology.”

Nominations for Distinguished Lectureship Award on the Applications of Physics
by Crystal Bailey and Steven Lambert
Nominations for the 2015 Distinguished Lectureship term will close on September 1, 2015.

Industrial Speakers List
by Steven Lambert
The industrial speakers list is a resource for conference organizers, physics departments, and community groups who are looking for substantive talks about technical issues.

APS Elected Sixteen New Fellows Nominated by FIAP
16 new FIAP Fellows will be honored at this year’s March Meeting. Members should start preparing nominations for this year’s Fellow nominations.

FIAP Executive Committee for 2015
by John Rumble
Results from the FIAP elections


Crystal Bailey, Steven Lambert, John Rumble
Editorial board: Steven S Rosenblum
Editor in chief: Joe Mantese