Cha-Mei Tang

Cha-Mei Tang Biography:

Dr. Cha-Mei Tang is president and CEO of Creatv MicroTech (Creatv). Dr. Tang received her B.S., M.S. and E.E. and Sc.D. from MIT. She worked at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  At the NRL Plasma Physics Lab from 1978-1993, she served as Head of the Radiation and Accelerator Physics Section for 7 years.  She did research on free-electron lasers, charged particle beams, accelerator physics, and field emission cathodes.  She was a visiting scientist at the NIST Physics Lab from 1993-1996 doing research on x-ray physics and applications.

She founded Creatv in 1996 initially focusing on novel x-ray anti-scatter grids and nuclear collimators to improve image quality.  She led Creatv in the development of advanced high-aspect-ratio microfabrication, providing microfabrication services for all copper THz waveguides for video radar, x-ray masks for x-ray phase contrast imaging, and nuclear collimators for gamma ray imaging.  In 2000, she led the company into medical diagnostics developing instruments, assays and diagnostic kits, making products requiring combined expertise of microfabrication, instrumentation and assay methods.  Recently, she developed a lithographically fabricated microfilter applied to the collection of cancer-associated cells from the blood of cancer patients with solid tumors. She has received numerous awards, including Fellow of the American Physical Society (1990), the most outstanding woman scientist in the Federal Government by Women in Science and Engineering (1992), senior member of IEEE (1995), and R&D 100 Award for Anti-scatter Grids for X-ray Imaging and Collimators for Nuclear Imaging made by LIGA (2006). She is active in APS and is a current FIAP Member-at-Large. She helped setup a new APS Prize for Industrial Applications of Physics (2007) and was on the APS Society Membership Committee (2004-2006).