Prize for Industrial Applications of Physics

This prize was last awarded in 2017. It was presented biennially to an individual, or individuals, for applications of physics in an industrial setting. The purpose of the prize was to recognize excellence in the industrial application of physics, and thereby to publicize the value of physics in industry, to encourage physics research in industry, and to enhance students' awareness of and interest in the role of physics in commercial product development.

The Prize consisted of $10,000, a certificate, travel reimbursement and registration waiver to attend the APS meeting at which the Prize was presented. It was awarded for innovative, leading-edge applications of physics to emerging technologies. It was not necessary for the application to have already achieved commercial success, but it should have demonstrated potential for significant impact. Although nominees did not need to be working in industry currently, the contribution for which they are cited must have been made while their principal employment was in industry. The recognized contribution may be a product, a process, or a tool enabling practical application of physics. Nominees were not required to be APS members, and there is no restriction with regard to geography or nationality. In order to encourage a broad spectrum of nominations, and in particular nominations from smaller companies as well as larger ones, self-nominations were encouraged.

Deadline: Friday, July 1, 2016  

2017 Recipient: