Officers & Committees 2016 – 2017

Forum Officers
Chair: Robert P. Crease
Chair-Elect: Alan Chodos
Vice Chair: Dan Kennefick
Past Chair: Catherine Westfall
Secretary-Treasurer: Cameron Reed

Forum Councilor
Dan Kleppner

Other Executive Board Members
Alberto Martinez
Ronald Mickens
Don Salisbury
Alvin Saperstein
Suman Seth
Aimee Slaughter

Program Committee
Chair: Alan Chodos
Vice Chair: Dan Kennefick

Nominating Committee
Chair: Catherine Westfall
David Cassidy

Fellowship Committee
Chair: Dan Kennefick
Sam Austin
Bruce Hunt
Richard Staley
Peter Zimmerman

Pais Prize Committee
Chair: Richard Staley
Vice-Chair: Allan Franklin
Paul Halpern
Lillian Hoddesson
Peter Zimmerman
Greg Good (AIP ex-officio)

Forum Webmaster
Robert P. Crease

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