FHP Sessions, April 5-8, 2014 Savannah, Georgia

Einstein and Szilard
Einstein and Szilard

April 5, Saturday • 1:30 pm to 3:18 pm

Session C17: “Journeys in the History of Physics: Pais Prize Session in Honor of David Cassidy,”
Room 105-106
Session Organizer: David Cassidy
Chair: Catherine Westfall

“Abraham Pais Prize: Physics History, and Biography”
David Cassidy

“Toward A Rethinking Of The Relativity Revolution”
Daniel M. Siegel

“An Insider’s History of Some of the Significant Changes in the APS from the 1960s to Today”
Brian Schwartz

April 6, Sunday • 1:30 pm to 3:18 pm

Session K17: “Gaining Inspiration From Galileo, Einstein, and Oppenheimer,”
Room 105-106
Session Organizer and Chair: Catherine Westfall

“Galileo As An Intellectual Heretic And Why That is Important”
Paolo Palmieri

“Walking in the Footsteps of Einstein: Why History of Physics Aids Physics Education”
Gerd Kortemeyer

“Using the History of Physics to Enrich Your Teaching”
B. Cameron Reed

April 7, Monday • 10:45 am to 12:33pm

Session R17: “The Many Worlds of Leo Szilard,”
Room 105-106
Co-sponsored by FHP and FPS
Session Organizer and Chair: Dan Kleppner

“The Many Worlds of Leo Szilard: Physicist, Peacemaker, Provocateur”
William Lanouette

“Leo Szilard In Physics And Information”
Richard Garwin

“Leo Szilard: Biologist and Peace-Maker”
Matthew S. Meselson

April 8, Tuesday • 1:30 pm to 3:18pm

Session Y10: “History of G-2: Experiment and Theory,”
Room 205
Co-sponsored by FHP and DPF
Organizer and Chair: Robert P. Crease

“Study of Electron G-2 from 1947 to Present”
Toichiro Kinoshita

“The First CERN Muon G-2 Experiment”
Richard Garwin

“The BNL Muon G-2 Experiment and Beyond”
Yannis Semertzidis

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